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The Problem


What is click fraud?

Simply put, click fraud happens when a computer program or an individual masquerades as a potential customer and continually clicks on an ad for an illegitimate reason. This drives up costs for the advertiser, who has to pay for the click even though it will never result in any type of profit.



What makes click fraud such an extensive problem?

It is fairly easy to commit click fraud, at little to no risk to the perpetrators. These fraudsters may also see a big increase in profits. For these reasons, it is generally considered to be the largest type of cybercrime.



How do I know if I need your tool?

Think of it this way:

You wouldn’t drive your car without insurance right? On that note, it’s not recommended to advertise without the ClickFrauds Detection and Prevention Tool.

Our tool saves you money from the very first moment, no matter what your budget is.

The Tool


How easy is it to install the Click Frauds Detection and Prevention Tool on my Google AdWords Account?

It’s incredibly easy!

With just 1 click your account is fully protected against click fraud.

How does the Click Frauds Detection and Prevent Tool work to protect against click fraud?

Once our ClickFrauds Detection and Prevention Tool is installed, each and every click passes through our tracker before it lands on your website. We examine the click from many different perspectives to come up with the most accurate results.

In the case that a click is determined to be fraudulent, we exclude it automatically in AdWords so the attacker will not be able to see or to click on your ads anymore.

Is there any chance that the ClickFrauds Detection and Prevention Tool might interfere with my traffic?

Absolutely not!

We take great pride in our extremely low redirection time, which is now around 60ms. This is so quick it is nearly as fast as a hummingbird’s wing flap. Simply put, this is so fast that you won’t notice it at all.

Every single click is redirected through our system. The blocking is done immediately and behind the scenes so the next click from the same source will be prevented.

How many fraudulent clicks does it take before they are detected and blocked?

We typically detect fraud after the first click. We will generate a report for you that can be sent to Google. By sending our report to Google, you will be more likely to receive a refund this-this unwanted click.

How is the effectiveness of the Click Frauds Detection and Prevention Tool Measured?

The effectiveness of the tool is interpreted in several ways:

  • Increasing conversion rates
  • Decreasing invalid clicks (on AdWords)
  • Getting more phone calls, quality leads and customers
How safe is my information and data?

Extremely Safe!

All of your data is stored in a reliable and secure data center. Seriously, we are kind of security nerds.

Does the ClickFrauds Detection and Prevention Tool provide services for agencies?

Of course!

Our tool was built from the ground up for modularity and flexibility to fit the needs of all kinds of advertisers.

You’ll love:

  • User level management
  • Multiple accounts
  • Ability to pay for all your accounts together, or assign your client’s responsibility to pay for their own accounts while you manage them

Do you manage more than 10 accounts?

No problem, just contact us and we’ll help you out.

During my 14 day trial period, will I be able to see how many fake clicks I am actually getting?

Yes you can.

In fact, the only thing that is different during the trial period is that it is FREE.

Which ad services does your system support?


We currently support Google Adwords only. Soon we will be extending into additional platforms such as Bing, Yahoo, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Let me know when the other platforms will be available:

What types of data do you use to determine if a click is fraudulent?

For every click on your ads, we gather over 100 data points including IP address and user agent, browser type, computer type, etc…

The data is collected from Google AdWords, the user agent and from Google Analytics. If you are interested in learning more about the nuts and bolts of the system, shoot us an email at 

How does the algorithm work?

Our proprietary algorithm uses a multi-layered protection approach.

The first layer is programmatic, meaning that we run each click through over 40 different tests that have been identified in the past with having fraudulent patterns.

The second layer is supervised machine learning that helps us detect anomalies.

Finally, the third layer utilizes a graph database to help us identify proxy servers and VPN farms.

Does the ClickFrauds Detection and Prevention Tool block fraudulent clicking even if there exists a bot attack with several IPs, VPNs or proxy servers?


We track and cross reference many kinds of data sources to reveal footprints of an attacker. After detecting an attacker that uses many ranges of IP addresses, we block the whole range in AdWords preventing any of their devices from either seeing or clicking on your ads ever again.

The Competition


Do I need to install HTML code on my website?
Nope, everything is done automatically. After all, we are here to make things easier for you.

All of our tracking is done through Google AdWords Tracking Templates.

How is the ClickFrauds Detection and Prevention Tool different from other tools on the Market?
Our tool provides a full suite of protection. And on top of everything, the cutting edge algorithm used in our system was developed based on years of experience fighting fraud and optimizing campaigns.

We invest most of our time re-inventing ourselves and improving the algorithm to win the race against fraud. As the perpetrators get smarter and advance, so do we.

Additionally, to make your life easier, we provide one-click seamless integration and real-time blocking of IP addresses in AdWords.



How can I avoid blocking potential customers and leads?
The algorithm manages a dynamic blacklist of clicks, devices, IP addresses and locations that change continuously based on several factors. Not only is the algorithm smart enough to detect and block fraudulent IP addresses, it knows to unblock them when necessary. And all of this is done behind the scenes.
Doesn't Google prevent click fraud?
Well, they would like you to think that they do, however, it’s not so simple. Google is incredibly secretive about their methods and there have been many Lawsuits Against Google For Click Fraud.
What are the invalid clicks I see on my AdWords account?
Invalid clicks are clicks that Google considers to be illegitimate and are not counted in your statistics. However, what Google claims to be considered as invalid clicks are only the very basic attacks, from the same IP address for example.


In order to prevent sophisticated attacks like botnets, VPN and proxy attacks, automatic clicker tools etc., you have to use tools like ours.

Can I monitor all of my MCC accounts using the ClickFrauds Detection and Prevention Tool?


And it is so easy to do. Once you sign up using your MCC account, all of your accounts will be immediately protected against click fraud.

Do you use existing data from my AdWords account to predict future click fraud? Or, does your system start collecting data after I have signed up?
We use any piece of data that can help us predict click fraud. Not only based on your own clicks, we aggregate data from similar accounts and proactively block threats with very high risk to protect you from potential click fraud before it actually happens.

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