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  • by Becky
  • February 20, 2017 The Remarkable Tale Of Click Fraud, Bad Bots, Big Dreams And A Bright Future

With close to an estimated $8 billion lost in 2016 on robot generated click fraud, it is shocking just how little is being done about the click fraud problem.
But things are looking up!
Thanks to a chance encounter this past November, the Startup Grind Tel Aviv Competition took a chance on a last minute entry from the ClickFrauds Detection and Prevention Tool.
And we won!
Thanks to this event, so many new doors are opening up to us and we are able to continue our work to soldier on in the fight against click fraud. You’re probably, thinking, what is click fraud? And how does our tool actually prevent and detect unwanted clicks?
ClickFrauds Detection and Prevention Tool wins at Startup Grind Tel Aviv
Before we get into all that, we invite you to join us and take a quick look back to see how we got started.

The Beginning Of Our Fight Against Fraud

A few years ago CEO and Co-Founder, Offer Ben Saadon was running ad campaigns on Google AdWords for his clients, and he stumbled onto something shocking.
Here is what happened:
Some of his clients started complaining that they were spending a ton of money on ads and weren’t getting any results. Offer took a look at the accounts and noticed a few things that didn’t seem quite right.
First, he saw that some campaigns were getting unnaturally high numbers of clicks, but the conversion rates were extremely low. He also realized that some budgets were being completely depleted very early in the morning and again, with almost no conversions. After more observations and some additional research, it became clear that Offer and his clients were a victim of click fraud.
You won’t believe what happened next!
Assuming that Google would take all necessary steps to correct the problem, Offer made his case to try and get a refund for all the unwanted clicks. Unfortunately, it became clear that Google was not going to provide a viable solution, and suing Google was not the answer either. A lawyer suggested contacting the FBI Cybercrime Division, but they said their hands were tied. Finally, after a failed search to find an effective and cost efficient system on the market, Offer decided to take matters into his own hands.
The start of something big:
Offer teamed up with Adam Hopkins and Ofir Chakon and starting developing a system that would detect and prevent click fraud.
Fast forward a bit and we now have the ClickFrauds Detection and Prevention Tool, one of the most advanced systems on the market. But, the advancements made were not without challenges.

Bootstrapping Struggles

It is every entrepreneur’s dream to find an investor early on so they can develop their product. For many startups, us included, things were much more complicated. We have been a self-funded startup from the very beginning and that has made progress slower than we would like.
On the other hand:
Even with all the obstacles we have faced, we have still managed to develop an amazing technology.

How The ClickFrauds Detection And Prevention System Protects Online Advertisers

The goal was to make a viable, cost-efficient solution that was within the reach of all business owners. And, above all, it needed to be easy to use and get started with no technical expertise and no need to involve web developers.
Mission accomplished. Our tool allows any advertiser to get setup and protected in minutes by installing itself into Google AdWords campaigns and funneling all traffic through our firewall detection system. Using advanced machine learning techniques, the system analyzes each click through an extensive 40+ point check. And, in real time, it blocks unwanted clicks from happening by pushing IP addresses and IP ranges to a dynamic blacklist so that every campaign is protected from the freshest and most current threats.
We are extremely proud of all we have accomplished so far, but thanks to the opportunities provided by Startup Grind Tel Aviv, we are soaring to a whole new level of success. In fact, we are on the verge of revolutionizing the world of Pay Per Click Advertising.

How Startup Grind Tel Aviv Changed Everything For Us

It All started during a startup exhibition event that we participated in for Tech7 Negev Innovation.
We were approached at our booth by Ram Yonish, Co-Director at Startup Grind and he invited us to present our product at the next Startup Grind event in Tel Aviv. Naturally, we gladly accepted.
Finally, the big day came and we found that many people at the event were interested in our tool. Prior to the main lecture by Oren Kaniel, CEO of AppsFlyer, everyone was asked to vote for their favorite startup.
We won a sweeping victory! Not only that, we got to present our tool on stage during the next event.

See all the excitement at the Startup Grind Even in Tel Aviv for yourself!

2017 Is Going To Be A Big Year For The ClickFrauds Detection And Prevention Tool

This is just the beginning!
In the coming months, we plan to expand our system to address fraudulent clicks on additional advertising platforms such as Facebook and Bing. We are working on advancements in big data and machine learning to harness the good bots and fight against fraudsters and bad bots.
Be sure to check out our website for exciting updates and to learn how you can take advantage of our FREE Forever Plan!
The bottom line:
We are so grateful for the opportunity to get involved with Startup Grind, especially as a small startup from the Negev Desert. By providing connections and resources for the little guys in Israel, Startup Grind is helping us to expand the click fraud fighters community and help save online advertisers billions.
Be sure to check out the ClickFrauds Detection and Prevention Tool YouTube channel! We’ve got more awesome videos from the Startup Grind Event In Tel Aviv, plus all the information you need to fight the fraud.

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