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  • by Becky
  • June 13, 2016

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is often separated from Paid Per Click (PPC) work in online companies.Marketing agencies often divide this work to different people. However, considering the impact Quality Score has on PPC campaigns, this split track approach will not fully maximize the benefits of either your SEO or PPC.

Aaron Goldman, the Chief Marketing Officer at Kenshoo, said SEO and PPC- Clickfraud

“Smart marketers, like those at Resolution and HP are embracing a holistic approach to search engine marketing to get the most out of their investment.”

So the question is Why Do SEO and PPC Work Best Together? At the end of the day, syncing PPC and SEO efforts is about coordinating two sets of resources that are targeting users through the same channel.

Here’s our advice for syncing your PPC and SEO.

#1) Use PPC for SEO Keywords

Within a relatively short period of time, your paid search campaign can start yielding results and data on how different keywords convert. This requires less of an investment to rank well for them. Since you already have some conversion data available, you will reduce the risks of your SEO investment.

  • If both PPC and SEO are in-house, then the SEO team should be taking the lead.
  • If either or both PPC and SEO are outsourced, then whoever oversees your SEO supplier should take the lead on: (1) putting SEO in contact with PPC and (2) following up that the two are communicating and keywords are being selected/targeted by SEO.


#2) Protect against Click Fraud

If you thought Click Fraud was “being taken care of” think again. There is plenty of evidence of Botnets surfacing to attack systems through the use of Click Fraud.

What can be done to prevent click fraud?

The team at developed an algorithm that monitors your traffic live and responds to potential threats as they occur with the AdWords API.  Instead of just sending you an email notification about the threats, our system automatically excludes the perpetrating IP addresses from your AdWords account.  In addition, our system continually performs cross account analysis to identify problematic IP addresses that could potentially threaten your account as well.

Once a click fraud performing IP address has been identified within multiple accounts, it is then marked as blacklisted.  A blacklisted IP address is added to the blocked IP list for all of the accounts that our system monitors, saving these accounts from potential click fraud activity.

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