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  • by Becky
  • June 6, 2016

In a recent blog post published online by Doubleclick By Google Dan Larden, the Senior Manager, of Media Partnerships EMEA, stated “Fraud is the one thing that can completely destroy our industry, because it breaks the trust of the market”.

A sentiment we share here at Recently we also published a blog regarding the connection between Ad networks and consumer response.The relationship advertisers have with Google in regards to ad placement, Google reporting statistics, and the quantity of the clicks advertisements receive is relevant information for consumers and businesses alike. Publishers in turn count on advertiser participation, and relevant ads which create a good experience for users, and an accurate and reliable source of income contributing to the success of their websites and businesses.

The fact that both staff and Mr. Larden from DoubleClick agree with the current assessment regarding the connection between publishers and advertisers reaffirms the importance of anti- click fraud technology.Small Business Security-ClickFraud

Mr Larden continued in his post to say, “If fraudulent ads have a negative impact on site traffic, user experience, and monetization, then publishers will allocate funds to other channels that don’t risk their core business.”

Mr. Larden was alluding to what has been a strongly voiced criticism of advertising Network companies (Google for example) in recent months. These companies are losing money to undetected click fraud when paying out to the publisher but continuing to make more money when collecting fees from the advertiser. Because of the difference between what they collect and pay out, unfettered click fraud would create short-term profits to the Advertising Networks.

The team at applauds the efforts by DoubleClick by Google, and organizations such as IAB TechLab and the Transparency Accountability Group (TAG) for their continued efforts to combat monetary losses due to Click Fraud. However in our opinion the solutions offered by DoubleClick do not meet the needs of smaller and independent businesses.
These smaller companies are at risk of spending thousands of dollars on Adwords, only to then not be able to afford the DoubleClick set of solutions. With this in mind we found it truly exciting that DoubleClick recently “partnered with the Transparency Accountability Group (TAG) to produce a pilot program that shares blacklisted IP addresses and domains associated with non-human ad requests or “bots”.

With these newly available lists our company will be able to use our independently created technology to add the blacklisted IP addresses to your account and protect you from Click Fraud. Ideally becoming “predictive” technology! developed proprietary algorithms that run in the background 24 hours a day 7 days a week and analyze the IP data for you. Unlike many click fraud detection tool systems that offer a somewhat similar solution you’ll see soon enough how our technique is more efficient. Where others use the technique of comparing IP addresses and sending you an email notification, our system compares all the data that we can capture on a user including browser type, geolocation, and user device and is constantly providing real time analysis and security updates.

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