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  • by Becky
  • September 21, 2016

You Don’t Have To Fight Click Fraud Alone

What if, you could be a part of a breakthrough in the world of online advertising? Well, the click fraud fighters community is growing and now you can get in on the action.

What’s in it for you

The sad truth is, over $6 billion was lost due to ad fraud in 2015. Much of this was caused by robot traffic and there is not enough being done by Google and other large corporations to fix the problem. And, many online advertisers don’t truly understand exactly what click fraud is. It’s up to us regular people and if we can come together, we just might make a difference.

For example, we have joined forces with Israel Tech Challenge and together, we are getting closer to solving the click fraud problem.

Recent Breakthroughs In The Click Fraud Fighters Community That Will Change Everything


Together, We Can Stop Click Fraud

Since we launched our alpha product in March 2016, we spoke with many of our subscribers and discovered that the click fraud problem is even more immense than we first imagined.

To be more specific

We collected over 20,000 fraudulent patterns that we uncovered, thanks to the incredible work of our team of developers in data science. We knew we had to make a paradigm shift in order to effectively combat click fraud. Our Click Fraud Detection System had to be developed from the ground up in order to utilize the most advanced techniques and allow us to successfully identify and block fraud.

Stay tuned

In the coming weeks, we will release more technical details about our new system, and when it will go live.

How You Can Be A Part Of The Revolution To Prevent Click Fraud


Using Big Data To Protect You From Click Fraud

An integral part of our paradigm is all about the community. Basically, when you sign up with you don’t just protect your individual ad campaigns, you actually join the fight and make a real difference for everyone. With the use of big data architecture, we use data from all of our subscribers. This allows us to better protect you and use your data to help safeguard other members of the community.

You see

Using large sets of data from our community of subscribers allows us to analyzed more information and reveal patterns and trends that lead to the identification of fraudsters. Once an ID is made our system goes a step further to prevent malicious activity against your account. No doubt about it, we are stronger together!

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The Future Of Click Fraud Detection Is Free

Let’s face it

Most effective programs out there are expensive and limited in their capabilities. Not to worry, we will soon introduce the industry’s first ever “Free Forever Plan.” In short, you will have access to the most sophisticated click fraud detection algorithm in the world for FREE!

Not sure if your account is affected by click fraud?

Soon, with our “Free Forever Plan” you will be able to benefit from live monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This will include all of your AdWord accounts and if our system detects any fraudulent activity, you will be notified immediately, free of charge. Basically, we have made it easier than ever to find out if you are a victim of click fraud. 

Join our community today and let’s fight the fraud together!

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