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  • by Sarah
  • June 28, 2016

In the ever growing world of startups and the expanding high-tech industry, is making a name for our self with our highly functioning technology.
Our team of dedicated developers worked hard on creating proprietary algorithms that run in the background integrated with pay-per-click platforms 24 hours a day 7 days a week and analyze the incoming data.

Unlike many click fraud detection tool systems that offer a somewhat similar solution by comparing IP addresses and sending you email notifications, our system compares all the data that we can capture on a user including browser type, Geo- location, device and much more. In doing this, we have a better understanding of the user which allows our system to make better predictions as to the validity of the activity.In order to keep up with the growing demand for our technology we’ve recently started hosting interns to learn about the exciting developments in high tech from within the system.

Meet Allison, a 23 year old Graduate from the University of Wisconsin- Madison. With her background in Biomedical Engineering and computer science her big ideas and tech savvy skills were a huge asset to the family.

allison_clfblog“ I studied Java and Matlab in my first degree and sought a company to gain practical experience with when I graduated. I wanted a fast paced environment that could challenge me and teach me valuable on the ground skills, I definitely found that here.”

 Coming to our office through the joint efforts of MASA Israel and Young Judea WUJS  Allison is part of a larger group of young professionals seeking inroads into the startup world. The intensive Tech Training given by leading local and multinational companies, industry professionals, and tech-entrepreneurs makes for an experience of a lifetime.

“ I had some experience with software development before this but now through using the technology I can say my knowledge base has expanded exponentially. Here in my job I look for patterns in the click data, watching for malicious clicks and discovering fraudulent data. I use this to improve our software and keep us ahead of the malware technology that is hurting local businesses. This software was totally new to me and everything I’ve learnt has been through hands on experimentation and investigation, not something my peers can say about their post college experience.”

This exclusive exposure to the Start -Up Nation through meetings and active participation in a fun, young office provides exposure to a broad array of Israel’s most cutting-edge technologies. The addition of a fresh mind to our team also makes us stronger, the win- win is obvious and invaluable to developing new ideas and problem solving techniques.

“Based on what I’ve seen at my time with I think everyone with google ad words accounts should use technology. It’s a better option than the click filtering technology that google has. Google filters clicks and decides on their legitimacy, but our system is just more efficient and cost effective for smaller businesses and independent companies.”

We wish Allison luck in her future endeavors and success in the fall when she begins graduate school at the University of Texas- Austin in the field of Electrical Engineering.

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