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  • by Becky
  • December 28, 2016

In a global effort to try and solve the click fraud problem, we recently received a huge hand of support from Israel Tech Challenge. Thanks to this incredible program, The ClickFrauds Detection and Prevention Tool recently had the pleasure of working with some extremely talented young interns.

Here is their story!

My Summer Fighting Fraud – by Benji Pollock, an Israel Tech Challenge Participant

ClickFrauds - Israel Tech Challenge Interns - solve the click fraud problem togetherLiron Hayman, Nathalie Cwajgenbaum and I, all came from different countries, with different backgrounds, academic areas of focus, and professional experiences, but all ended up working together at ClickFrauds Detection and Prevention Tool for a 3-week internship in September of 2016.

But how?

Nathalie had already made aliyah from France a few years ago, Liron had lived in Israel for some time but only recently made aliyah from Australia, and I had never been in Israel long-term, and would have to return home to the US after my 5 months here.

Nathalie studied finance, and insurance and risk management, and had worked as both a consultant and an economist. Liron studied actuarial mathematics and worked as a trader. I was in the middle of my mechanical engineering degree without any professional experience. However, all three of us decided that what we were doing was not enough, and to spice up our lives (both personally and professionally) we decided to apply for the Israel Tech Challenge CTO Coding Bootcamp. Fortunately, we all got in.

Through the coding boot camp, we were introduced to basic coding (for loops, if statements, cases, etc.) using Java. We then learned web design using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap, frontend development using Vanilla JavaScript and Angular, and backend development using SQL, Python, and Django.

At the end of the boot camp, we had to work on a 3-week final project where we used what we learned from the previous 4 months to build something and present it on our final day of the program. We were given the option to either work with a company or work on a project on our own. Nathalie, Liron and I decided that the most rewarding opportunity would be to work with Optymizer and the ClickFrauds team.

Here’s what happened next:

We quickly learned that malicious clicks can cost companies using Google AdWords a lot of money. ClickFrauds Detection and Prevention Tool was mostly looking to classify and stop bad users and clicks (malicious, bot, or unwanted). For our internship, we were tasked with creating a solution to validate “good” users. We wrote a script for the company to track post site entry behavior using JavaScript and a server side Django API.

During our internship, we took the train down to Lehavim from Tel Aviv twice a week and worked remotely from our Israel Tech Challenge campus the rest of the week. We were mentored through the project by Adam, who constantly had good advice, was always willing to make time for us, and helped us complete and learn more than we imagined we could in such a short internship. Ofir was also always willing to help us with any coding questions we had and shared in the excitement of our accomplishments.

What we learned:

Throughout our internship, we learned how to use the Django REST framework and PostgreSQL, which none of us had previous experience with. We also got to experience and succeed in deployment under a tight schedule and got our script working and in use by the end of our internship. This wouldn’t have happened without positive and constant communication between our team and Adam.

After spending 4 months getting immersed in the Tel Aviv tech scene, it was an awesome opportunity to be able to travel and experience our internship in the Negev to see the budding desert tech scene. We learned that you don’t need to be in the Tel Aviv area to see incredible tech and startups. We were also fortunate enough to work with a completely bootstrapped, Hollywood-esque startup. Starting a project from nothing and going to production in 3 weeks was an incredible experience and something that we would’ve been unable to get at a bigger company.

Looking forward:

We are honored to be a part of the click fraud fighters community! We were incredibly fortunate to work with such a great team in such a great place, and the lessons we learned through Israel Tech Challenge and ClickFrauds will follow us through the rest of our careers. Despite coming from all different backgrounds, the three of us can agree that converging on coding and ClickFrauds were extremely worthwhile decisions.

Go experience the Negev yourself and learn why ClickFrauds Detection And Prevention Tool and other Israeli startups are going to change the world!

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A note from the team at ClickFrauds Detection And Prevention Tool:

We are so grateful to everyone at The Israel Tech Challenge for partnering with us and allowing us to work with their brilliant and hardworking interns. Thanks to them, we are making huge strides in putting a stop to the click fraud problem once and for all.

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