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  • by Becky
  • September 15, 2016

The Shocking Amount Of Money Wasted Due To Click Fraud


Don’t throw your money down the toilet.

The need for new tools and systems to detect and prevent click fraud is more urgent than ever. In 2013, online advertisers threw away around $8.5 Billion on fraudulent clicks. By the end of 2016, this number will reach about $11 Billion. Perhaps even more startling is the fact that going to court over click frauds to seek out justice or compensation is not really worth it.

The Conclusion is Obvious

The threat is growing, but the rate at which solutions are being developed is incredibly sluggish. What’s the holdup? Where is the innovation? Although the situation is disturbing, there are a few ways that companies can protect themselves.

Be aware! Some of the click fraud prevention systems out there are more reliable than others. So, how do you know which is right for you? In the rest of this post, we will break down the basics for you, so you can better understand how to protect your business.

2 Ways To Battle Click Frauds That Don’t Really Work

# 1. Checking Traffic


Knowing the bad IP addresses is not enough.

There are some tools out there that check the traffic against a list of known bad IP addresses.

The problem here is that it is ridiculously easy to hide an IP address. With unlimited how-to resources out there, even those who are not so tech-savvy could quickly learn the basics.


# 2. Protecting Your Site

There are some programs out there that reduce click fraud by protecting your website. This is more helpful than option 1, but in reality, this does not protect your individual ads on your Pay-Per-Click Account. Your website will not load for clicks made by fraudsters, but they will still be able to see and click on your ads.

Bottom line, they won’t be able to see your website, but you will still pay money for those unwanted clicks.

You Deserve A Real Solution

Offer Ben Saadon, CEO of ClickFrauds has developed a click fraud prevention system that actually makes a difference. Offer explains,

“Unlike tools that are offering website protection, our’s actually provides you with real time security against fraud on your AdWords account. With our system, the fraudsters won’t be able to see and click on your ads at all.”

What does this mean for you?


Prevent, Detect and Eliminate Click Fraud

Utilizing a system that only protects your website can be a good eye opening experience. But if you are looking to truly fight the fraud, you’ll have to use a tool that is seamlessly integrated into your AdWords account and is fighting the fraud for you where it matters most.

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