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About The Detection Tool

What gives?


We actually owe a special thanks to all the spammers that moved us to decide to take the gloves off and taking action against the click fraud activity that occurs regularly on Google AdWords. We developed our own click fraud detection tool.

As an advertising company that manages many AdWords accounts and also provides advertising for ourselves, we noticed that from time to time the invalid click rate in Google AdWords was skyrocketing. Now while Google claims that you get your money back for the clicks that have been marked invalid, what about the clicks that have not been marked as invalid? What about the business loss due to your campaign budget being exhausted?

After months of trial and error, we were able to show a significant drop in invalid click rate by monitoring the incoming IP addresses and adding the suspicious ones to the the exclusion list in AdWords.

As you can imagine, this is a time consuming process; however, thankfully we are living in an age where computers can be trained to do almost anything.  This is exactly what we did. developed proprietary algorithms that run in the background 24 hours a day 7 days a week and analyze the data for you. Unlike many click fraud detection tool systems that offer a somewhat similar solution by comparing IP address and sending you email notifications, our system compares all the data that we can capture on a user including browser type, geo location, device etc.. In doing this, we have a better understanding of the user which allows our system to make better predictions as to the validity of the activity.

Last but not least, because we are busy people, we designed our system to seamlessly integrate through Google AdWords APIs. The system is secure, automatic and it allows you to concentrate on what is important, namely optymizing your account. This way you are not spending your time on the phone with Google reps asking why your campaign has exceeded its budget or why your campaign is down after just one or two hours.

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